Smt. Rhoda Bharucha

Hon. Director, ADINET

ADINET at a Glance

  • Libraries in Gujarat : 2079
  • Newsletters Published : 32
  • CUCOLIS Published : 47
  • Book of Papers Published : 22
  • Events : 38
  • Lectures : 47
  • Quarterly Seminars : 9
  • Seminars : 29
  • Publications : 28


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ADINET welcomes all interested L.I.S. Professionals to become Ambassadors for ADINET.

As 'ADINET Ambassador' you will speak about ADINET on formal and informal platforms to popularize it.

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Lectures (Instead of holding Lectures Quarterly Seminars are being held)

No Title Date Details
1 Lecture on Serious Searching: Resources for Information by Ms. Linda Parker on 28th March, 2011 28th Mar, 2011
2 Lecture on Importance of Bibliography in Libraries by Mr. Jayant Meghani on 27th February, 2009. 27th Feb, 2009
3 Lecture on Copyright Law in India by Mr. P. V. Mehta on 28th November, 2008. 28th Nov, 2008
4 Lecture on FRBR: Conceptual Model for Bibliographic University by Mr. Rajesh Chandrakar on 24th October, 2008. 24th Oct, 2008
5 Lecture on Latest Trends in Library Consortia in India by Mr. Prem Chand on 29th August, 2008. 29th Aug, 2008
6 Lecture on Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Library and Information Centres by Dr. P. Lalitha on 27th June, 2008. 27th Jun, 2008
7 Lecture on Knowledge Management in Libraries by Mr. Manoj Kumar on 30th May, 2008. 30th May, 2008
8 Lecture on e-Learning: Trends and Opportunities by Ms. Shweta Shroff on 24th April, 2008. 24th Apr, 2008
9 Lecture on Virtual Reference Services. (VRS) by Dr. T. S. Kumbar on 28th March, 2008. 28th Mar, 2008
10 Lecture on Bibliographic Control: Electronic Media by Mr. Shailesh Yagnik on 29th February, 2008. 29th Feb, 2008
11 Lecture on Emerging Trends in Librarianship by Dr. H. Anil Kumar on 18th January, 2008. 18th Jan, 2008
12 Lecture on Open Access Intiatives by Dr. Jagdish Arora on 15th December, 2007. 15th Dec, 2007
13 Lecture on Resource Sharing Success in American Libraries: An Obervation by Dr. T. S. Kumbar on 13th October, 2007. 13th Oct, 2007
14 Lecture on Work Done in NIFT Library by Ms. Shreyashi Parikh on 24th September, 2004. 24th Sep, 2004
15 Lecture on Networking in India by Dr. H. K. Kaul on 25th June, 2004. 25th Jun, 2004
16 Lecture on Role of Library Professional in e-Environment by Dr. S S Sirurmath on 26th March, 2004. 26th Mar, 2004
17 Lecture on Library Security, Loss of Books and Steps Taken by Ms. Nishtha Anil kumar on 12th March, 2004. 12th Mar, 2004
18 Lecture on Enviormental Information Services by Mr. Rajendra Thaty on 28th November, 2003. 28th Nov, 2003
19 Lecture on Activities of Knowledge Management and Information Services Centre of NID by Mr. C.T. Paul and Ms. Swadha Majmudar on 26th September, 2003. 26th Sep, 2003
20 Lecture on LIS Curriculum for the Information Society: A Platform to Change by Prof. C. K. Karisiddappa on 23rd May, 2003. 23rd May, 2003
21 Lecture on OCLC: How do we Participate in this Global Library Cooperative by Dr. T. S. Kumbar on 28th June, 2002. 28th Jun, 2002
22 Lecture on ADINET: Past Present and Future by Mr. P. C. Shah on 25th March, 2002. 25th Mar, 2002
23 Lecture on Problems of University Libraries by Mr. Ramanbhai Patel on 22nd February, 2002. 22nd Feb, 2002
24 Lecture on Environment Information Systems and CEE by Mr. Rajendra Thaty on 25th January, 2002. 25th Jan, 2002
25 Lecture on Web Pages Designing: The Basics by Mr. Saroj Das on 23rd November, 2001. 23rd Nov, 2001
26 Lecture on Activities of Institute of Social Action & Research by Ms. Jayshree Joshi on 19th October, 2001. 19th Oct, 2001
27 Lecture on The Four CS of Building Digiatal Libraries, Computer, Communications, Content and Communities by Dr. Shalini R. Urs on 29th September, 2001. 29th Sep, 2001
28 Lecture on Reorganisation and Vision 2005 of CEPT by Ms. Gita B. Desai on 31st August, 2001. 31st Aug, 2001
29 Lecture on American Librarianship by Dr. H. Anil Kumar on 27th July, 2001. 27th Jul, 2001
30 Lecture on e- Information Environment Scenario in India: Today and Tomorrow by Dr. T.A.V. Murthy on 29th June, 2001. 29th Jun, 2001
31 Lecture on Medical Libraies and Information Services by Ms. Pragnya Anglay on 25th May, 2001. 25th May, 2001
32 Lecture on Economics of Information and Information Economics by Mr. Shailesh Yagnik on 27th April, 2001. 27th Apr, 2001
33 Lecture on Information Needs of Fashion Industry by Ms. Shreyashi Parikh on 30th March, 2001. 30th Mar, 2001
34 Lecture on Total Quality Management and the Collection Development in Libraries in Modern Concept by Dr. Manish Pandya on 23rd February, 2001. 23rd Feb, 2001
35 Lecture on Web Design: Librarians Point of View by Ms. Pragnya Pathak on 23rd January, 2001. 23rd Jan, 2001
36 Lecture on Indexing for Young Designer: An Experience by Ms. Swadha Majmudar on 29th December, 2000. 29th Dec, 2000
37 Lecture on Changing Role of Public Libraries by Mr. Shantibhai Patel on 24th November, 2000. 24th Nov, 2000
38 Lecture on Electronic Journal and Electronic Publishing by Ms. Nishtha Anilkumar on 20th October, 2000. 20th Oct, 2000
39 Lecture on Reclssification of Books and Non Book Material Of CHETNA: Information and Documentation Centre by Ms. Renuka Dave on 29th Deptember, 2000. 29th Sep, 2000
40 Lecture on Miscarriage of Gujarat Government Library Bill-1977 by Mr. P. V. Mehta on 25th August, 2000. 25th Aug, 2000
41 Lecture on Library Science Related Topics by Mr. P. C. Shah on 28th July, 2000. 28th Jul, 2000
42 Lecture on Library Science Related Topics by Mr. R. S. Sharma on 30th June, 2000. 30th Jun, 2000
43 Lecture on U.K. Public Library Act 1850: Its Genesis by Mr. P. V. Mehta on 26th May, 2000. 26th May, 2000
44 Lecture on NERF Library Resources Centes by Dr. H. Anil Kumar on 5th February, 1999. 5th Feb, 1999
45 Lecture on Objectives and Activities of NID by Mr. M. P. Ranjan on 11th January, 1999. 11th Jan, 1999
46 Lecture on Impact of OCLC on Librarianship. - Dr. Chandraprabha 1st Jan, 1999
47 Lecture on National Task Force on Techchnology and Software Development on 3rd October, 1998. 3rd Oct, 1998
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