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Libraries are  slowly turning into an information exchange hub of an organization, rather than earlier role of a "store  house" of knowledge.  Knowledge stored in the form of invaluable books, journals, other  information materials and the latest e-Resources is showcased in the Library for its Users.  Boundaries of the Libraries are expanding beyond four walls and Library professionals are gearing up to take up the challenge of using IT in disseminating authentic, latest and right kind of information to the right type of audiences.  

With the rapidly growing advancements in  every field, more and more documents are becoming available  the world  over, in  both printed and  electronic format.  No  library  can afford  to  stock every necessary document in the area of  its users' interests, but it certainly can provide a 'link' to the User to locate desired information.  Networking and Resource sharing thus assumes a great  importance at  this  juncture and  such  a solution  is  being effectively provided by the "Ahmedabad  Library Network" (ADINET)  to the  users  and  librarians  specializing  in any discipline of  knowledge  and available anywhere in the world.

ADINET is an Information Network of Libraries in and around Ahmedabad and is also trying to reach other Libraries in Gujarat through collaborative activities.  ADINET was registered as a Society in October 1994.  Initially it was sponsored by National Information System for Science and Technology (NISSAT), Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India.

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