Smt. Rhoda Bharucha

Hon. Director, ADINET

ADINET at a Glance

  • Libraries in Gujarat : 2079
  • Newsletters Published : 32
  • CUCOLIS Published : 47
  • Book of Papers Published : 22
  • Events : 38
  • Lectures : 47
  • Quarterly Seminars : 9
  • Seminars : 29
  • Publications : 28


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  • Subscription of 100 Journals is over 60 lakhs
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ADINET welcomes all interested L.I.S. Professionals to become Ambassadors for ADINET.

As 'ADINET Ambassador' you will speak about ADINET on formal and informal platforms to popularize it.

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Seminar - Librarians' Day

No Title Date Details
1 Seminar on "Re-imagining Today's Librarianship"-125th Birth Anniversary of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan (Librarians' Day 2017) 12th Aug, 2017
2 Seminar on Emerging Trends in LIS Research & Ethics (Librarians Day 2016) 14th Aug, 2016
3 Seminar on Increasing Usage of E-Resources in College Libraries on Saturday 3rd January, 2015 3rd Jan, 2015
4 Seminar on Libraries and Education: Vision 2020 on 23rd August, 2014 23rd Aug, 2014
5 Seminar on Role of Libraries in Education on 29th March, 2014 at Shri H. K. Arts and Commerce College. 29th Mar, 2014
6 Seminar on Redefining Libraries to Create Next Generation Libraries on 10th August, 2013 at EDII, Gandhinagar 10th Aug, 2013
7 Seminar on Information Products and Services on 27th April, 2013 at the British Library 27th Apr, 2013
8 Seminar on Using Open Access Resources for Professional Development on 16th February, 2013 at DA-IICT, Gandhinagar 16th Feb, 2013
9 Seminar on "User Oriented Quality Services in 21st Century Libraries" on 11th August, 2012 11th Aug, 2012
10 Seminar on Networking Public Libraries in Gujarat on 11th February, 2012 at M. J. Library, Ahmedabad. 11th Feb, 2012
11 Seminar on Networking Libraries in Gujarat for Resource Sharing on 27th August 2011 27th Aug, 2011
12 Seminar on Preparing New Generation Librarians For Meeting Future Challenges on 7th August, 2010 7th Aug, 2010
13 Seminar on Role of School Librarians in Education on 15th November, 2009 15th Nov, 2009
14 Seminar on Information Literacy and Changing Landscape of Libraries on 29th August, 2009 29th Aug, 2009
15 Seminar on Current Trends in Libraries in the Digital Era on 9th August, 2008 9th Aug, 2008
16 Seminar on Best Practices in Library and Information Services on 11th August, 2007 11th Aug, 2007
17 Seminar on Open Access Resources in Internet on 26th August, 2006 26th Aug, 2006
18 Seminar on Sharing of Electronic Resources for Library and Information Centres in India Through Consortia on 3rd September, 2005 3rd Sep, 2005
19 Seminar on e-Products for Libraries and Information Centres on 28th August, 2004 28th Aug, 2004
20 Seminar on Trends in Librarianship on 23rd August, 2003 23rd Aug, 2003
21 Seminar on Managing Information Technology for Libraries and Information Centres in Changing Environment on 24th August, 2002 24th Aug, 2002
22 Seminar on Library and Information Profession in Gujarat: Problems, Challenges and Suggested Remedies on 25th August, 2001 25th Aug, 2001
23 Seminar on Virtual Libraries on 19th August, 2000 19th Aug, 2000
24 Seminar on ADINET and Community Services on14th August, 1999 14th Aug, 1999
25 Seminar on Changing Role of Library Information Profesionals and Centre in Context of Information Technology on 22nd August, 1998 22nd Aug, 1998
26 Seminar on Impact of Internet on Libraries and Information Centres on 16th August, 1997 16th Aug, 1997
27 Seminar on Libraries and Socio-Economic Development of the Society on 17th August, 1996 17th Aug, 1996
28 Seminar on 21st Century Libraries and Librarians on 12th August, 1995 12th Aug, 1995
29 Seminar on Library Networks and Society on 25th February, 1995. 25th Feb, 1995
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