Title Seminar on Information Products and Services - held at British Library, Ahmedabad on 27th April, 2013


Librarians’ Meet @ British Library Ahmedabad

The quarterly seminar of ADINET was conducted at the British Library Ahmedabad on Saturday, the 27th of April. The topic of the discussion was ‘Information Products and Services’.

A group of about 25 participants gathered to discuss the issue and update their knowledge in this regard.

The meeting started with a small prayer recited by Ms. Swadha Majumdar, followed by saraswati vandana. Mr. Dattatreya Kulkarni, the manager of the British Library Ahmedabad welcomed all the participants to the meeting and gave a brief introduction of the British library. British Libraries are jointly managed by the British Council and Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

The British Council works in areas like learning and teaching English, preparation of exams like TOEFL, library & information services, science, arts and culture etc. The British Library started its operation in Ahmedabad in the year 1979. Mr. Kulkarni briefed the audience about the two main services of the British Library, Ebrary and Infotrac. Ebrary  is the collection of about 70000 e- books that the British Council provides its members. The collection includes books from various subject fields ranging from social science, science, technology, art, culture and literature.

It comes with advanced features like that of creating a bookshelf of one’s choice, availability of various search options, translation facilities and permission to download the same. Infotrac is the e-journals database, which offers access to about 14000 peer reviewed journals from different subject fields as sciences, medicines, engineering, business etc.

After this talk, Ms. Rhoda Bharucha, Hon. Director ADINET expressed her gratitude towards the organizers, presenters and the participants for making the event a success. She also gave a brief account of ADINET’s forthcoming activities.

Mr. P. C. Shah then took over the dais with his presentation on ‘Tips for maximum Utilization of College Library Resources’. With his profound experience of over 40 years in the field of LIS, he explained the role of Trustees, the college principal, teaching faculty, Librarians as well as students in the maximum utilization of the resources in a college library. It is only with the cooperation of all these working together, library resources can be utilized to the best possible extent. He also suggested methods, which librarians should adopt in order to make their library visible, really useful and make people acknowledge its importance in their lives.

Next presentation was that by Ms. Keena Khimani, Head, Ahmedabad Information Resource Centre, TCS, on ‘Value Added Services by Librarians’. Kina insisted that in this age of search engines where people are highly reliant on the Internet for the information they require, librarians have a bigger role to play. According to her ‘a trained librarian is a powerful search engine with a heart’. It is the LIS professionals who can sort, assess, collate and package the information required by its clientele. She suggested a number of methods through which LIS professionals can provide value added services to the users. Some of those discussed were- providing specialized services to the users, exploring business opportunities, providing research based services, providing services in a collaborative way, event planning, efficient marketing of the services being provided, benchmarking standards, use of knowledge management tools, optimum utilization of social networking etc. As a balanced diet is important for the proper growth of an individual, a balanced score card is very important for the plenary growth of an LIS professional. Balanced score card involves many aspects of work as- availability of proper funds, working as a team, adoption of latest technologies and continued learning and development of the staff. After all the hard work put in, a proper feedback from the users is very important so as to assess the areas where more efforts have to be incorporated. An action plan is needed to fill up the gap between the existing situation and the target to be achieved. Staff should be designated to perform the required task with a set time period.

Ms. Geeta Gadhvi, Co-ordinator, Dept. of LIS, Gujarat University, was the next to present her talk which was based on ‘Design and Development of Information Products’ by the students of Dept. of LIS, Gujarat University. She gave and introduction of Information Products and discussed their importance. Before creating any information product, a proper research has to be conducted so as to ascertain its need and the audience needing it is identified. Keeping in mind the users, the product is designed, taking into consideration the financial aspects. Department of LIS had started this concept of production of Information Products in the year 2005/2006. Since then the students of MLIS have come out with many amazing and quality information products.

The seminar concluded with a small tour of the host library. The audience could not resist themselves from appreciating a very well managed library and the numerous precious services provided by the highly dedicated staff.

Shilpa Khandker

Library, Institute for Plasma Research

Bhat, Gandhinagar

Start Date 27th Apr, 2013
End Date 27th Apr, 2013